Use Cases in Production

Use cases currently in production with data flowing through MIHIN include the following:


Exchange/Access Clinical Quality Measures:

This Use Case enables providers to submit Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) electronically, whether for Medicaid and MU attestation, or for non-Medicaid providers wishing to take advantage of CQMs for Clinical Quality Improvement. This Use Case also enables State Medicaid to receive electronic Clinical Quality Measures submitted by Medicaid providers. Finally, this Use Case enables submitters, receivers, and other concerned parties such as Medicaid or Commercial Health Plans to access and view electronic Clinical Quality Measures across their provider spectrum.

MiHIN UCS Exchange-Access Clinical Quality Measures v29 09-22-15

MiHIN UCIG Commercial Payers (PPQC) SIM Data Aggregator v16 02-21-17

APS Format v11 02-21-17

MiHIN submit quality measures onboarding overview presentation v12 09-30-15


Reportable Labs – Cancer Pathology

The Cancer Pathology use case allows healthcare providers and pathology laboratories to submit electronic lab results containing electronic pathology reports through the statewide Health Information Network which then transports this information through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Data Hub to the state’s Cancer Registry. Cancer information collected from pathology laboratories can be used to evaluate diagnosis and treatment strategies for the entire population, including the Medicaid beneficiary population.  Meaningful Use recognizes the importance of this information as a reportable measure.



Use Case Implementation Guide: MiHIN UCIG Cancer Pathology v12 09-26-16


Request Immunization History/Forecast (Query by Parameter):

The Request Immunization History/Forecast Use Case allows participants to request and obtain the list of immunizations for a Michigan resident (adult or child), including those immunizations received to date as well as a list and schedule of vaccinations the patient should receive in the future.

MiHIN UCS Immunization History-Forecast v13 02-06-17

MiHIN UCIG Immunization History-Forecast v10 02-06-17

QBP Onboarding Document

Query by Parameter Tip Sheet

MCIR QBP Implementation Guide
Single Sign-On:

The Single Sign-On Use Case allows organizations to join and participate in the HICAM Federation using either trusted identities of their own provision or MICAM trusted identities, letting users exercise Single Sign-On (SSO) across multiple services that are trusted in the HICAM Federation.  As a result, people within a participating organization can maintain a single login ID and password (i.e. a trusted identity) which can access all services available through the HICAM Federation based on the permissions given to them.

MiHIN UCS Single Sign-On v29 02-03-16

MiHIN UCIG Single Sign-On v13 11-05-15


Submit/Receive Statewide ADT Notifications:

The Submit/Receive Statewide ADT Notifications Use Case utilizes “feeds” from hospitals (ADT Sender) to provide valuable data to case managers, physician organizations, and payers (ADT Recipient) to support transitions of care.  When ADT data is sent from a hospital, care givers who have an active care relationship with the patient are notified to initiate appropriate care coordination activities.

MiHIN UCS ADT Notifications PUBLISHED v12 07-08-16

MiHIN UCIG ADT Notifications PUBLISHED v35 07-07-16

MiHIN ADT PO Decision Points v6 10-8-14

MiHIN UCS Submit Active Care Relationships – v12 9-23-15

MiHIN Active Care Relationship Service file format 05-04-14-16

FINAL MiHIN-Active-Care-Relationship-Service-2.0.2-PO-Attribution-File-V27-1-23-17

FINAL MiHIN-Active-Care-Relationship-Service-2.0.2-Non-PO-Attribution-File-V29-1-23-17

MiHIN UCIG Submit to Active Care Relationship Service v19 02-28-16


Submit Health Information to the State of Michigan

A number of Use Cases in Michigan involve the submission of public health or other health information to the State of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. These use cases, listed and described below, are all governed by one legal Use Case Agreement to ease the process of onboarding for participating organizations. The Use Cases (either in production, pilot or development) covered by this agreement include: Submit Cancer Notifications, Submit Immunizations, Submit Syndromic Surveillance Data, Submit Reportable Labs, and Submit Newborn Screening.

Descriptions of Use Cases covered under this umbrella Use Case are below.


Submit Immunizations:

This Use Case allows immunization providers and their vendors to assist in connecting to the Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR). MCIR is an immunization registry that compiles complete immunization histories for children and adults in Michigan. Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems that comply with Stage 1 Meaningful Use requirements must be able to submit immunization administration data to their state registry.

MiHIN UCSS Immunizations v13 08-17-16

MiHIN UCIG Immunizations  v16 06-28-16

MiHIN MICR HL7 Implementation Guide v2 11-04-13


Submit Newborn Screening-CCHD (Pulse Oximetry):

Congenital heart defects are the most common birth defects, affecting nine in 1,000 newborns. The most severe type of defect, called critical congenital heart disease (CCHD), remains one of the most significant causes of infant death in the United States, requiring surgery or catheter intervention in the first year of life. Failure to detect CCHD early puts the baby at risk for death or other serious complications within the first few days or weeks of life, often requiring emergency room care.

A simple, non-invasive test called pulse oximetry helps detect CCHD in newborns. The newborn screening mandate in Michigan Public Health code section 333.5431 requires hospitals to screen newborn babies for, among other things, CCHD and report the test results to MDCH.

This use case helps collect Newborn Screening for CCHD data, issuing acknowledgment or rejection notices back to the providing system if available.

Use Case Summary: MiHIN UCS Newborn Screening – CCHD v9 08-18-16

Use Case Implementation Guide: MiHIN UCIG Newborn Screening CCHD v8 06-30-16


Submit Reportable Labs:

The Reportable Lab Submission Use Case sets forth requirements for Participating Organizations to submit Reportable Lab data through the Michigan Department of Community Health Data Hub (MDCH) to the Michigan Disease Surveillance System (MDSS). MDSS is the communicable disease reporting system for the state of Michigan that helps public health officials identify outbreaks of diseases such as the flu and meningitis. In addition, MDSS facilitates coordination among public health agencies, provides secure analysis of communicable disease surveillance information, and addresses needs of traditional disease surveillance.

MDCH MDSS Reportable Lab Submission Implementation Guide v1 11-01-11