Board of Directors – Brian Keisling

Brian Keisling

Director, Bureau of Medicaid Operations and Actuarial Services Michigan Department of Health and Human Services

Brian Keisling is currently the Director of the Bureau of Medicaid Operations and Actuarial Services within the Medical Services Administration (Michigan’s Medicaid Program) of Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services. Brian joined Medicaid in 2004 as the Manager of the Federal Regulation and Institutional Reimbursement Policy Section. He was appointed as Director of the Actuarial Division in 2011 and moved into his current position in 2015.

In his current role, Brian oversees a broad array of Medicaid operational, financial and policy issues including rate setting for Managed Care Organizations, hospital and long term care reimbursement policy, Medicaid payments (claims processing) and the Third Party Liability function. His area is also responsible for federal waiver development and implementation and systems and analytical support for the program.

Prior to his time with Medicaid, Brian had significant experience working on State Government financial issues. His former positions included Budget Manager for the Department of Labor and Economic Growth, Budget Director for the Department of Consumer and Industry Services and Lead Analyst on the Family Independence Agency budget for the State Budget Office.

Brian holds a BA from Hope College and an MPA from Eastern Michigan University.