Caregiver Contact Information

The Caregiver Contact Information use case scenario allows a consumer to share contact information for their chosen caregiver(s). This contact information can then be made available to a consumer’s care team members.

Use Case Summary, Implementation Guide and Supporting Documents

Caregiver Contact Information Use Case Summary


About this Use Case

“Caregiver” is most frequently defined as a person who provides direct care (as for children, elderly people, or the chronically ill). The term typically implies a family member, friend or paid assistant, such as a home health aide. The term also often refers to someone performing this role without compensation.

    Caregivers are often the best source of information about the patients for whom they provide care. Unfortunately, healthcare providers (doctors, pharmacists, health plans, etc.) may not know contact information for a patient’s caregiver, or even that a patient has a caregiver. This lack of information can create additional work for healthcare professionals, can delay treatment or care, and in worst cases can lead to negative outcomes because needed information about the patient cannot be found.

    Care team members need a way to find contact information for caregivers involved in their patients’ care quickly and efficiently.

    “Caregiver Contact Information” is a scenario under the Consumer Preference Management use case.

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