Connecting Michigan for Health and More – Amit Trivedi


Amit V. Trivedi, MS

Amit Trivedi is the Director, Informatics & Health IT Standards at HIMSS. In his role, Amit leads HIMSS’ interoperability strategy across the health IT standards ecosystem and acts as a liaison to standards development organizations around the globe. Amit and his team manage HIMSS-sponsored activities within the HIMSS Developer Lab, IHE International, IHE USA, Continua Health Alliance, and the Global Consortium for eHealth Interoperability. Amit is also responsible for the IHE North American Connectathon, one of the largest health IT interoperability testing events in the world. Before joining HIMSS, Amit led health IT testing and certification programs at Verizon’s ICSA Labs and the Certification Commission for Health IT (CCHIT). Amit holds an undergraduate degree from the Johns Hopkins University in the History of Science, Medicine and Technology and an M.S. in Cyber Security Operations and Leadership from the University of San Diego. Amit’s mission as an interoperability and cyber security health IT leader is to foster industry collaborations to advance safer and more timely, efficient, effective, and equitable patient-centered care.