Connecting Michigan for Health and More – Michael Klinkman


Michael S. Klinkman, MD, MS
Professor, Department of Family Medicine and Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
University of Michigan Health System
Community Engagement faculty lead, Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research
Director, Great Lakes Research into Practice Network
Medical Director, Jackson Health Network

Dr. Klinkman is first and foremost a practicing family physician, maintaining an active part-time practice in the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine. Outside of clinic, he has worked to develop health information technology to support primary care and integrated health care for many years. He has led or co-led work on development of scalable health information technology solutions for primary and community care, ranging from theoretical work to design and testing of software applications for use in primary care and behavioral health settings. His Department of Family Medicine team developed and licensed ClinfoTracker, a clinical quality management application eventually used in hundreds of practices across the US. For the University of Michigan Depression Center, he led development of the MDOCC Clinical Record, a multipurpose software application supporting behavioral health care management workflow and outcomes measurement. From 2010-2012 Dr. Klinkman chaired the NIMH/AHRQ technical expert panel “Mental Health and Health IT: The Way Forward”. In his role as Medical Director for the Jackson Health Network, he led work to build an integrated care management software application into the Jackson Community Medical Record. This embedded application supported care coordination across a complex distributed clinical environment, and enabled the delivery of measurement-based care.

These experiences have informed his current work with communities to develop ‘community information exchanges’, intended to provide a community-side health information technology infrastructure to support integrated health and social care delivery. The feasibility and sustainability of this approach to integrated care will be assessed in the Jackson CHIR of the Michigan State Innovation Model demonstration. He is now actively collaborating with informatics experts from the University of Michigan, University of Colorado, and Newcastle University to develop a sociotechnical approach to ‘co-creation’ of community health information technology solutions in partnership with community stakeholders and lay community members.