Death Notifications Use Case

There are approximately 90,000 deaths annually in Michigan, a death rate of almost 0.1 percent. Roughly 75% of these deaths are residents over the age of 65 who are likely to have been Medicare beneficiaries.[1]


Notifying healthcare organizations quickly when a death occurs can help reduce waste and prevent fraud. Death notifications may also indicate that the deceased was a doctor or healthcare professional to help pharmacies avoid filling counterfeit prescriptions.


The purpose of the Death Notifications use case is to report deaths in a timely and accurate fashion. Electronic death notifications help improve awareness of the event, avoid unnecessary and wasteful spending, preclude falsified insurance claims, and stop the dispensation of prescribed medications.


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Use Case Summary:


MiHIN Death Notifications Summary

[1] “Number of Deaths and Age-adjusted Mortality Rates for the Ten Leading Causes of Death, Michigan and United States Residents, 2014,” accessed on August 5, 2016, deaths/causrankcnty.asp