Great Lakes Health Connect

A statewide network of healthcare providers, payers, and community organizations depend on Great Lakes Health Connect (GLHC) to enhance care delivery, coordinate care, and reduce the cost of care. GLHC organizes and manages access to the health information of over 10 million persons.

GLHC combines information systems and tools with customer service and creativity, solving complex problems for participants. GLHC is the only organization in Michigan to be both a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization AND to be solely focused on the business of health information exchange.

The GLHC network expands across Michigan, the Midwest, and the nation. GLHC is a member of the Strategic Health Information Exchange Collaborative and the Heartland Project, creating and testing the Patient Centered Data Home™ model.

GLHC Solutions:

  • Referral Application – over 1,000 healthcare, behavioral health, and community organizations exchange referrals to bridge the gaps in care, enhance workflow, and reduce the cost of care.
  • ADT Notifications – real time updates of patient admissions, discharges and transfers.
  • Results Delivery – GLHC delivers clinical results by provider code, patient list, diagnosis code, or insurance information. Our unique matching, normalizing, and routing technology allows us to create custom delivery solutions based on specific customer workflows.
  • Direct Messaging – electronically exchange (send, view, manage) messages directly from an EMR or from the GLHC Direct Web Application.
  • Connection to the State of Michigan via MIHIN Use Cases – GLHC connects healthcare organizations to the Cancer Registry, Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR), Newborn Screening Registry, Syndromic Surveillance, and Reportable Labs.
  • Virtual Integrated Patient Record – a longitudinal community health record, three access options including directly from the EMR, over 10 million patient records available. Over 200 sources contribute this health information, each with direct unique connection to GLHC.
  • Image Enabled Results – images in full diagnostic quality are available in real-time within the GLHC Virtual Integrated Patient Record or can be delivered through EMR interfaces.
  • Storage and retrieval of Patient Care Documents – documents including Advance Care Directives, Care Plans, Action Plans, and more are available in the GLHC Virtual Integrated Patient Record.
  • iSpecimen Marketplace – Medical researchers have historically experienced challenges finding biological specimens — blood, other bio fluids, tissue and cells — for their research, despite the fact that the amount of research material is plentiful. Michigan healthcare providers are bridging the gap between healthcare encounters that produce bio specimens and the medical researchers that need them through their connection to GLHC.

GLHC collaborates with Making Choices Michigan to implement community based Advance Care Planning programming and to improve storage and access to Advance Directives.

We utilize technology, but we work with humans. The team of GLHC Implementation Consultants, Account and Project Managers, and Technical Support are real people who help healthcare providers and community organizations across Michigan understand and use the GLHC suite of applications and solutions for making a real, meaningful difference in their operations and mission pursuits. GLHC Implementation Consultants are across the state and understand regional dynamics, healthcare politics, and incentive program policies. They are experts, so you do not have to be.


GLHC Contact Information


Phone: 844-454-2443