Health Directory Use Case

New models of care have necessitated the need for health professionals to be able to send, receive, find, and use health information electronically and securely. Michigan’s Statewide Health Directory alleviates some of this data work by collecting information on physicians and patients in a fast and easily-accessible database.

Today, multiple organizations track health professionals via their basic information, such as name, address, specialty, national provider identifier, or specific credentialing information. The Health Directory expands on this tracking information, including the electronic service information required to know how and where health information is to be delivered electronically for each provider.

Also, the Health Directory contains data from multiple sources, including active care relationship files directly from physician organizations, provider data from commercial payers, state and federal provider data, provider data from health information exchange qualified organizations, and other data sources.

The Health Directory serves as a core piece of infrastructure facilitating information exchange across Michigan, allowing organizations and healthcare professionals to quickly and easily find the information they need on healthcare professionals in the state.

The Health Directory use case allows organizations and healthcare professionals to use the Health Directory to more quickly and easily find the information they need on healthcare professionals caring for Michigan’s people.

Use Case Summaries:

Submit Data to Health Directory
Health Directory Search Service
Health Directory Basic Query
Health Directory Advanced Query

Use Case Implementation Guide:

Health Directory Use Case Implementation Guide

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