Jackson Community Medical Record (JCMR)

Jackson Community Medical Record (JCMR) is a legally Qualified Organization currently in production exchanging electronic health information with MiHIN.

JCMR offers a complete electronic medical records solution for the Jackson community. We work with subscribers to achieve all the benefits that an electronic record system offers. Our clients see benefits, including: lower transcription costs, less time spent working with paper charts, optimized coding, improved payer incentive payments, increased staff productivity, improved patient care through greater charting accuracy, improved experience of care for patients and providers, and automated clinical decision support.

JCMR subscribers use NextGen, an award winning Electronic Health Records software. The major advantage of this, besides reduced costs, is the ability to achieve a medical records system that is truly a “community medical record”. Our robust integration allows clients to work with the same chart from every location. For example, it provides medication interaction checking across practices for all providers whether employed by Allegiance Health or in private practice.

This gives providers and patients the knowledge that they will have continuity of care across all JCMR offices.

Available interoperability includes the ability to send labs and radiology orders directly to Allegiance Health and receive Allegiance Health information (lab, x-ray, op notes, discharge summaries, Emergency Room records, etc.) directly into a patient’s EHR supporting efficient provider workflow.

JCMR Contact:
Phone: 517-841-7434