Patient Ping

PatientPing is a legally Qualified Organization currently in production sharing electronic health information through MiHIN.

PatientPing connects healthcare providers across Michigan and the country through real-time notifications whenever and wherever their patients receive care. PatientPing’s care coordination community includes physician organizations, hospitals, ACOs, primary care physicians, skilled nursing facilities, home health agencies, rehabilitation centers, long-term acute care hospitals, and many others. By connecting care teams through real-time information sharing, PatientPing enables providers to deliver higher-quality and more cost-effective care, improving patient outcomes and experience.

PatientPing provides two key services:

  • Pings – Receive real-time notifications on patient admissions and discharges from hospitals and post-acute facilities
  • Stories- Critical patient information regarding patient’s prior visit histories, care team information and instructions, as well as patient demographic information.

These services have three innovative features:

  • Pings – Manage patient utilization and outcomes using real-time Pings in a clean dashboard with aggregated patient visit histories, clear identification of patient subpanels, exporting capabilities, and team collaboration tools
  • Stories–Send important patient context, such as patient attribution, care team information, and visit histories across the care continuum through a variety of mechanisms, including the PatientPing platform, mobile notifications, and web services
  • Customizable Care Guidelines – Automatically send customized care guidelines to all admitting and discharging providers across the care continuum, creating bi-directional connections and scaling care coordination efforts

PatientPing’s vision is to enable healthcare communities to reduce costs through higher quality care, with a mission of connecting providers to seamlessly coordinate patient care. Join the PatientPing community today by contacting

PatientPing Contact Info

Phone: 617-701-7816
Website: PatientPing