Medical Information Direct Gateway (MIDIGATE) – MiHIN
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Medical Information Direct Gateway (MIDIGATE)

Removing Burdens for Providers with Simple, Low-Cost Information Exchange

Healthcare providers face increasing pressure to share and receive patient health information electronically. Fax machines were used for many years to exchange information using paper, but with new electronic records, paper is cumbersome and inefficient.  Direct secure email is a new type of secure email that replaces fax, but Direct has some of the same limitations as fax.  MiHIN knows how to mitigate those limitations.

While some electronic health record systems are able to easily share information, many others require costly customizations to allow information exchange.  MiHIN’s Medical Information Direct Gateway, or MIDIGATE, fully supports healthcare provider use of easy, low-cost Direct Secure Messaging – the simplest secure method for healthcare providers to electronically share protected health information. MIDIGATE serves as a fully secure “catcher” for Direct messages and then routes those messages to their appropriate destination.

What is Direct Secure Messaging?

Doctors across the country are turning to Direct Secure Messaging to securely exchange healthcare data over the Internet. Direct Secure Messaging (“Direct”) is basically a secure form of email. This encrypted national message standard allows exchange of protected health information from provider to provider (replacing fax), and also between providers and patients. A Direct address is similar to a typical email address.   Direct helps providers send sensitive information to any other Direct address, safely and securely.  Most importantly, Direct is easy and inexpensive to start using.

How Does the MIDIGATE Service Work?

MIDIGATE streamlines and organizes the routing, processing and exchange of health information by providing a common process to accept incoming health information messages (such as Continuity of Care Documents attached to Direct messages), isolate the messages/attachments, and route them to their specified destination(s) in appropriate and acceptable formats.

The service supports broad reporting requirements and custom data capture needs, utilizing several customized “catcher” modules that process unique message types.

Each catcher can be customized to support different message attachments such as XML, CDA, American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) and other flat files. The catcher logic then intelligently processes the message attachment by extracting it from the message and delivering it to the appropriate destination as part of the overall MIDIGATE service, allowing Direct Secure Messaging to be a robust and secure transport to connect thousands of senders and receivers.

What Does MIDIGATE Do with Direct Secure Messages?

Once the MIDIGATE service receives a Direct Secure Message, it “peels” off structured data attached to that message and routes the data to any appropriate locations based on client business rules. The service can have a virtually unlimited number of “catcher” modules that process different message types, from Admission, Discharge, Transfer Notifications to clinical quality measures. Additional catcher modules can be established as an alternative to any type of data collection.

How Do I Get Started?

To learn more about how MIDIGATE can help your organization and providers exchange health information, please contact us at

Implementing MIDIGATE includes technical onboarding and ongoing support for providers to attach files to DIRECT messages and send those files to specific destinations.