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The Michigan Health Information Network Begins Phase One Implementation with OptumInsight

East Lansing, MI, September 22, 2011 —  Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN), the state designated health information exchange (HIE) for Michigan, today announced engagement of OptumInsight and its Axolotl HIE platform to implement Phase One of the MiHIN Strategic and Operational Plan. “This is a very exciting stage for health information exchange in Michigan. Our state has been a leader in promoting the pervasive distribution of qualified sub-state organizations capable of supporting secure data exchange among emergency departments, hospitals, physician offices, and other health care settings across Michigan’s 83 counties. MiHIN’s work will now create that focal point for integration that ties each of these regional or sub-state efforts together and offers a seamless gateway with the State of Michigan; eventually MiHIN shall function as...