White Pine Systems, LLC, a leading provider of patient engagement solutions, today announced a pilot project with the Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN) Shared Services based in East Lansing. The purpose of the pilot project is to discover the requirements for a consumer-facing personal health record gateway used by providers and patients to specify where important health information and preferences are stored. These stored preferences might include advanced directives such as a living will and Gift of Life choices along with immunization histories and emergency contact information.

MiHIN is Michigan’s State Designated Entity under a federal grant to improve health care quality, cost, efficiency, and patient safety through electronic exchange of health information.

“Patient engagement is an important focus of the Affordable Care Act’s Meaningful Use Phase 2,” said Doug Dormer, White Pine’s founder and CEO. “SPINN is a good fit for this pilot effort with MiHIN to uncover future requirements. The SPINN interface is designed to help providers serve patients more efficiently while expanding patient access to their families’ health information through online tools and Personal Health Records, thereby helping providers and communities achieve the triple aim of improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing peoples’ costs of health care.”

The intent of the pilot with MiHIN is to discover requirements for a future gateway through which Michigan’s residents will have access to state based resources and link to their personal health record through repositories such as Microsoft HealthVault, Dossia, NoMoreClipBoard, or other commercially available health record storage clouds.

MiHIN Executive Director Tim Pletcher commented, “The collaboration with White Pines is helping us understand the complex issues associated with patient-facing services. By leveraging the SPINN experience, we can better develop requirements for scaling this type of service across the state.”

“The pilot is a promising entry opportunity for White Pine,” said Jonathan Smolowe, White Pine’s EVP of Sales & Marketing. “Although healthcare providers are beginning to adopt consumer engagement solutions, MiHIN is taking a proactive stance to determine how emerging technologies should be properly harnessed and used for better, less expensive healthcare.”

About White Pine Systems, LLC
White Pine Systems, LLC is a privately held company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Its flagship platform, SPINN, the Secure Personal Information and Notification Network, is a low cost, fully configurable, private-labeled, interoperable patient engagement solution that improves communication among patients, healthcare providers and the patient’s extended network of official and unofficial care givers. SPINN bridges the gap between EMR systems used by providers and emerging PHR and portal platforms to achieve the promise of patient and family-centered chronic disease management. SPINN connects family, guardians and healthcare providers through their own secure personal health network to deliver the right information any time, any place.

About The Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN)
The Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN) is Michigan’s initiative to improve health care quality, efficiency, and patient safety through the sharing of electronic health information, while reducing costs. MiHIN is the official state designated entity for health information exchange across Michigan and the future integration with the eHealth Exchange. MiHIN is a Michigan nonprofit entity, functioning as a public and private collaboration between the State of Michigan, sub-state Health Information Exchanges, payers, providers, and patients. For more information please visit https://mihin.org

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