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The Download

A webinar series meant to inspire dialogue, educate, and share with our MI audience around the larger topics, challenges and opportunities that exist at the intersection of healthcare and technology. 

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The Download: MiHIN’s Integrated Technology Platform Migration

This month’s session of The Download will provide an update on MiHIN’s migration to the Integrated Technology Platform (ITP). This migration focuses on future-proofing our technological infrastructure and establishing a forward-looking and market-responsive HIE.

When the migration is complete, the new ITP will provide:

  • Highest quality data supported by best-of- breed FHIR strategy 
  • Advanced, event-driven, real-time data exchange
  • Enhanced user-experience through a new longitudinal clinical patient record viewer
  • Improved system performance 
  • Compliance with existing and upcoming patient access regulations
  • Robust security and privacy protection

Join us to hear updates on our progress and learn about future phases.


Bits & Bytes

A webinar to series to offer direct connection with MiHIN’s solutions’ designers and managers.

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Bits & Bytes: The Medical Information Gateway – MIGateway® 

Join this month’s edition of Bits & Bytes to learn about MIGateway, MiHIN’s single solution to seamlessly manage patient information to support streamlined workflows, optimized care coordination, and improved quality reporting.

 MiGateway allows: you to:

Establish your Active Care Relationships with one click
Access an organized view of your patients’ data and patient care summaries
Identify any/all patients who have been admitted, transferred, or discharged from a participating facility
Find contact information for every provider who is currently working with your patient
Learn how to find the information you need, when you need it, to make your best decisions about your patients’ care.