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The Download

A webinar series meant to inspire dialogue, educate, and share with our MI audience around the larger topics, challenges and opportunities that exist at the intersection of healthcare and technology. 

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Next Up: Federal Policies are Drivers of Change

At this month’s The Download, Shreya Patel, MiHIN’s Chief Policy and Privacy Officer, will be offering an overview of federal interoperability initiatives over the past year. MiHIN solutions for the realized and potential impacts of these on our participants.

Shreya will offer a brief summary of each rule, while focusing on the realized and potential impacts, and what feedback we offered in comment periods. In addition, this presentation will be delving into common themes to prepare the audience for what initiatives organizations should focus their internal efforts on.

In terms of what information may be covered through this brief year in review, it will include the information blocking rule, patient access, provider access API, prior authorization, patient privacy initiatives, social determinants of health, health equity, maternal health, tribal health, environmental health, and more.

Please join us to ask clarifying questions, engage in dynamic discussion, and to create new opportunities to learn, work and vision together.

Bits & Bytes

A webinar to series to offer direct connection with MiHIN’s solutions’ designers and managers.

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