Shared Digital Infrastructure for a Healthy Michigan

Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) is Michigan’s non-profit statewide entity legally, technically, and privately providing critical and comprehensive patient information to doctors, clinics, federally qualified health centers, hospitals, pharmacies, health insurance providers, and public health.

Who We Support

Michigan Care Seekers

Ensuring that personal health information is being shared comprehensively, legally, and securely to protect privacy and solve for health

Governmental Agencies

Working with state and federal government to ensure Michigan’s information-sharing efforts meet local and regional needs while aligning with national interoperability standards and requirements

Care Providers, Hospitals, and Health Systems

Improving patient outcomes, preventing unnecessary admissions and procedures, and providing information fluidity resulting in better medication reconciliation processes, enhanced therapeutic medical interventions and improve quality of care metrics

Health Plans

Generating an holistic picture of members’ clinical information as market demands quality ratings, accountable care and population health

Data for better health

As a verb, health information exchange (HIE) is the process of sharing health information electronically.

As a noun, a health information exchange is an entity that represents a network of organizations (referred to as a health information network or HIN), that provides technology and services to connect disparate sites of care to legally, securely and technically share health information.

MiHIN represents a robust network of entities across the continuum of care that are connected by our shared digital infrastructure and a set of standards, services, and policies.

A neutral steward of data and agnostic intermediary, MiHIN exists to benefit Michigan’s population. 

We serve our network of participants by providing an interoperable digital fabric designed to provide statewide connectivity between all the entities responsible for the health and wellness of their patients, clients and members.  

Years Established

Cumulative Messages Exchanged

News & Noteworthy

MiHIN's SDOH (Social Needs Screening) Use Case

Join MiHIN for this month’s edition of Bits and Bytes on Oct. 30 from 2-3 PM EST!

Lisa Nicolaou and Van Ly will give an in-depth explanation of MiHIN’s v 4.0 SDOH Social Needs Screening Data use case, including:

  • Locating the #SDOH v 4.0 Use Case File and Documentation.
  • Understanding Technical Changes between v 3.0 and v 4.0 Use Case.
  • Next Steps for Your Organization and Finding Additional Assistance.


AWS Recognizes MiHIN for using technology to improve outcomes for residents. tech achievements

The AWS State and Local Government Champions program recognizes, celebrates, and supports organizations driving digital transformation with cloud computing. The organizations selected to receive this award share the mission to transform and advance state and local government to better serve their constituents.

Technological Environment Migration:

Read the latest on MiHIN’s 18-24 month technological environment migration.

Benefits of Shared Infrastructure

Safer & More Optimal Care

  • Preventing diagnostic, medication treatment, system or communication errors
  • Supporting appropriate treatment, follow‐up, and prophylactic actions

Reduction of Burden & Waste

  • Working to overcome the failures of care delivery and coordination, overtreatment, administrative complexity, pricing failures, and  fraud and abuse

Faster Learning & Innovation

  • Supporting the detection, monitoring, and measurement of  data driven health transformation
  • Driving technology adoption and quality improvement
  • Activating translational science
    and research