IOD Incorporated agrees to work with the Social Security Administration using the Michigan Health Information Network Gateway via Nationwide eHealth Exchange operated by HealtheWay

Streamlined process holds potential to save time in claims review

Green Bay, WI and East Lansing, MI, November 13, 2013 – Leading health information management company IOD Incorporated and the Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN) today announced a plan under which MiHIN will electronically receive requests and submit medical records to the Social Security Administration (SSA) through MiHIN’s state-of-the-art CONNECT 4.2 uplink via the national eHealth Exchange operated by HealtheWay.

The agreement joins the powerful technology of two companies working to significantly reduce paperwork throughout the healthcare system, from individual providers to hospitals and government organizations.

“Social Security handles a large volume of paperwork received from providers responding to requests of medical records for SSA disability claims determinations,” said George Abatjoglou, Chief Executive Officer of IOD. “Working closely with MiHIN, IOD is proactively solving the growing labor and paper intensive problem. MiHIN’s advanced approach has already been integrated and tested with IOD’s eDetermine™ platform and we have hospital systems ready to start testing as soon as possible. Each successful exchange of medical records is a fully automated process leveraging the same industry standards behind the Meaningful Use Stage 2 requirements, providing significant benefits for providers, payers, but most importantly, for patients.”

Social Security has one of the largest disability programs in the world, requesting about 15 million medical records annually from approximately 500,000 providers to make decisions on around 3 million initial disability claims.

IOD serves more than 1,800 hospitals and clinical providers in over 40 states across the United States, providing nearly 500,000 responses to SSA’s medical record requests per year.  As demonstrated in IOD’s other eDetermine implementations, automating the release of medical information using the combined IOD and MiHIN solution accelerates the disability claim determination process for patients and results in quicker access to public health benefits.  Further, by automating the process, providers can redirect resources away from the labor and time-intensive process of responding to requests for medical information.

“IOD’s extensive existing national network of hospitals represents an excellent opportunity to improve service quality and efficiency for hospitals and clinical providers in Michigan and in other states,” said Tim Pletcher, MiHIN’s Executive Director. “IOD already successfully powers some of the most successful electronic disability determination deployments in the nation, and by combining MiHIN’s connectivity with the eHealth Exchange operated by HealtheWay we look to work with IOD to expand that success throughout Michigan and to hospitals nationwide.”

“MiHIN is emerging as a national leader in HIE connectivity and the implementation of federal use cases for sustainability,” said Abatjoglou. “By onboarding our customers and enabling eDetermine and the electronic exchange of health information to SSA using the MiHIN Gateway we’re using a thoroughly vetted solution with an innovative company responsible for Michigan’s Statewide HIE that is also highly responsive to sharing its innovative solutions nationally.”

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