MiHIN (Michigan Health Information Network) Conference Recap

MiHIN (Michigan Health Information Network) Conference Recap

Featured July 1, | Jensie Simkins, Health Numeric

Health Numeric attended the Michigan Health Information Network’s (MiHIN) conference in East Lansing on June 3-5th. The event had roughly 400 attendees and was their most successful event to date. The conference is “designed as a forum for healthcare thought leaders to share their perspectives on the current state and the future state of Health Information Technology (HIT) and Health Information Exchange (HIE) with peers and colleagues, to support the healthcare transformations underway in Michigan.”

The 3-day event had a variety of presentations and speakers, ranging from prominent people in the healthcare field to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder—who gave the conference opening remarks. He spoke about Healthy Michigan and how that is made possible by many of the organization present at the event. He states that, “A few years ago, thousands of Michiganders relied on emergency rooms as their primary health care providers” and how “since the program launched last April, we’ve had nearly 600,000 enrollee and more than 350,000 primary care visits.”

In a presentation by the executive director for Partners 4 Health, Rick Nowakowski, explains that “The health care economic model is changing quickly with a stronger payer emphasis on sustainable healthy outcomes and financial penalties for providers who cannot meet the new market demands.” The knowledge gained and connections made from this conference were extensive.

We enjoy seeing such growth and innovation in the state of Michigan and around the country. We’re proud of the role Health Numeric is playing in the HIT field and the patients we are helping. Learn more about our innovative Care Circle today!