Marina del Rey, CA—August 15, 2018 — 4medica announced today that its master patient index (MPI) technology is being used by the Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) to make sure incoming patient data is accurately and swiftly matched to the right patient record, helping to ensure the correct healthcare providers are receiving information about their patients that is exchanged through the statewide network.

MiHIN uses the 4medica Big Data MPI along with a private patient attribute or “common key” that links individuals and their health information across systems and organizations. The combined solution enables MiHIN to match patient identities in real time.

This is crucial, as MiHIN coordinates and bridges communication between providers throughout the state, a volume of transactions that numbers in the tens of millions.

“Because Michigan’s healthcare organizations look to us to provide statewide shared services, we tested a number of MPI solutions very rigorously, including the 4medica Big Data MPI,” said Shelley Mannino-Marosi, MiHIN’s senior director of state and national programs. “We had a very positive experience with 4medica integrating with our Common Key Service to match patients, so their care team members can receive their information, in milliseconds, and at scales that support our large transaction volumes.”

The 4medica MPI also proved very flexible to address MiHIN’s strict guidelines and rules for matching patient records with information.

“The 4medica Big Data MPI, together with our Common Key Service, give us a very solid foundation for our patient matching services,” added Mannino-Marosi.

An innovative approach to match patient information across multiple organizations

In the absence of a national patient ID, patient mismatching has become a systemic problem in an era of electronic health records that store millions of patient records, using different data attributes and identifiers, setting the stage for a mismatch when organizations exchange records with each other. Or, confronted with multiple records for the same patient, administrators create a new master record, often omitting critical information.

A recent Black Book Research Survey found that 18 percent of the average hospital’s patient records are duplicates–while testing by 4medica at different healthcare organizations, including health information organizations, has routinely uncovered duplicates as high as 30 percent.

Both mismatches and duplicate records increase the risk of dangerous medical errors, which is one reason why this year’s ONC Interoperability Forum included no less than 10 speaking sessions on the topic of patient identity matching. MiHIN was one of the invited speakers, and presented its solution to many of the nation’s top health leaders.

Along with the 4medica Big Data MPI, this solution includes the MiHIN-developed encrypted common key. Designed for system to system communication only, and with no coded patient specifics, the key offers a unique attribute that can be easily shared by multiple organizations.

“Together with the 4medica Big Data MPI, MiHIN has deployed a solution that can be replicated at health information exchanges and health information networks across the country. And none too soon, given initiatives like PDMPs to combat the opioid epidemic, or the national Patent Centered Data Home,” noted Gregg Church, president, 4medica.

MiHIN will be presenting its solution again at the upcoming 2018 Annual SHIEC Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, which runs August 19—22. MiHIN, along with other health information organizations, including 4medica customer New Jersey Innovation Institute, will be featured in a panel discussion on patient matching.

Members of the media interested in learning more are invited to contact Stephanie Janard, Amendola Communications for 4medica, at 828-288-2831 or

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