LANSING, Mich., Nov. 19, 2018 – Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Dr. Jeff Vlasic and Michael Roth of Vlasic & Roth LLC to help with the commercialization of MiHIN’s successful technology and services.

Michigan and MiHIN are recognized throughout the country as leaders in the exchange of health information through our statewide health information network.

“We are pleased to have Dr. Vlasic and Michael Roth join the MiHIN team,” says Tim Pletcher, executive director, MiHIN. “Their hardcore technology execution and frontline clinical experience will not only enhance the growth and sustainability of the organization, but also guide us in executing operational excellence on all fronts.”

Together, Vlasic & Roth and MiHIN will deliver high-impact change management and performance improvement initiatives for health systems, technology vendors, health information exchanges, and many others.

Dr. Vlasic, an emergency medicine physician, was previously faculty at Michigan Medicine. He trained at Georgetown, Johns Hopkins and the University of Michigan Medical School. His areas of expertise include organizational change management, the effective integration of Software as a Service platforms into healthcare provider workflows and connected health strategy. He now exclusively serves as Managing Partner of Vlasic & Roth LLC.

Roth has led several technology companies and hundreds of large-scale healthcare technology and process implementations during his 24 years in health information technology. His areas of expertise include technology infrastructures, staff engagement, contemporary transaction structures, and integrations related to healthcare mergers and acquisitions. Michael is now exclusively focused on his role as Managing Partner at Vlasic & Roth LLC.

“With my frontline clinical experience and Mike’s background as a leader in healthcare technology, we’re thrilled to combine our skills and areas of expertise to help MiHIN,” says Dr. Vlasic “MiHIN is an organization we truly believe is critical to enabling high-quality, timely, and cost-effective care on a massive scale. Their infrastructure connects payers, providers, and health systems within the state – improving healthcare throughout the State of Michigan.”

Vlasic & Roth team will be responsible for assessing present and future service lines, aligning the company’s development efforts to anticipate and meet market demand, optimizing client, fund and vendor relationships and supporting MiHIN leadership in pursuit of on-time, on-budget delivery of services that exceed client expectations.

About Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services

The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) is Michigan’s state-designated entity to improve healthcare quality, efficiency, and patient safety by sharing electronic health information statewide, helping reduce costs for patients, providers, and payers. MiHIN is a nonprofit, public-private collaboration that includes stakeholders from the State of Michigan, Health Information Exchanges serving Michigan, health systems and providers, health plans/payers, pharmacies, and the Governor’s Health Information Technology Commission. For more information, visit

About Vlasic & Roth LLC

Vlasic & Roth LLC delivers high-impact change management and performance improvement initiatives at health systems, technology vendors, health information exchanges, financial and investment firms, and other lower-middle market companies. For more information, visit