LANSING, Mich., September 5, 2019 Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) is launching a new not-for-profit organization focused on innovative research designed to accelerate national interoperability and to attract and develop health information technology (IT) talent.

The Interoperability Institute provides a collaborative learning space where organizations can work towards national interoperability via product solutions like Interoperability Land™, which will help organizations work within the new health data rules expected to be announced soon by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services and Office of National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

Interoperability Land is a simulated healthcare ecosystem designed to power the future of interoperability through the integration, acceptance, and testing of technologies and open standards within a collaborative digital platform. Organizations can learn, build and test healthcare applications and services using highly realistic, clinically relevant, synthetic patient data, with no risk of exposing patient protected health information. Interoperability Land was piloted earlier this year and utilized during various Connectathon’s-collaborative events where developers, vendors, and subject matter experts can learn about, create and test interoperable solutions in safe environment.

An additional focus of the Interoperability Institute is to work to further develop and enhance the health IT workforce, which is expected to increase dramatically as health information-sharing expands nationally, and grows to support telemedicine, predictive medicine, and population health management.

“In the process of providing this collaborative simulated environment for testing and innovation, we hope to identify best practices for conforming to data standards and how to best protect health information, but we also expect to create an ideal forum for professional development, where novices can be mentored by experts as they work together on solutions,” said Rick Warren, Interoperability Institute Board Chair.

Within workforce development, the Interoperability Institute will build health IT career awareness, establish career pathways through partnerships with colleges and universities, and offer an internship and mentorship program to train and mentor individuals, at any stage in their career, in specific areas of health IT. Part of this development could be to introduce new software that can help workforce management companies to be able to effectively manage their employees. This could help them to schedule more work hours in the areas that could help them to better establish their career pathway.

“The formation of the Interoperability Institute is founded on the need for collaboration and training in the health IT industry,” said MiHIN Board Chair Larry Wagenknecht. “When looking at the future of a nationwide health exchange working with multiple systems-coupled with a talent gap-we saw a unique opportunity to address both issues with the institute.”

The Interoperability Institute has offices in Ann Arbor, Mich. and East Lansing, Mich. and will serve both private and public entities nationwide.

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