Name Change Announcement – MIGateway

Name Change Announcement – MIGateway

Published: 11/4/2020 –

MiHIN is pleased to announce a new name for MIDIGATE, the interoperable solution for coordinating patient care. Henceforth, MIDIGATE will be known as MIGateway, which stands for Medical Information Gateway. The name change was prompted by the continued evolution of the product that now includes a suite of data exchange and display modules including the Transitions of Care Viewer, ACRS file and patient uploader, ADT Readmission Dashboard, Health Directory, Super C-CDA, Direct Secure Messaging, and most recently the longitudinal health record, known as VIPR.

Since it’s inception, MIDIGATE has enabled effective coordination of care across Michigan that is affordable, configurable and scalable. MIGateway will continue to offer such value, building upon the HINs growth in statewide data exchange use cases. This change is the latest example of MiHIN’s ongoing efforts to continually improve data availability within existing workflows, reduce provider burden, improve patient experience, lower costs, and achieve better health outcomes.

If you would like to learn more about MIGateway, please contact, attn: Community Engagement.