Published: 7/12/21 – 

MiHIN is making a transition from Patient Care Document (PCD)/VIPR to ADVault for advance directive (AD). Due to this migration, your practice and processes will potentially be affected in the near future. Effective immediately, it is recommended that all AD uploading to MiHIN activities be paused.

All individuals are strongly encouraged to carry a copy of their AD on their person when traveling outside of their home health system area. For any retrieval of past uploads into PCD/VIPR, the process remains unchanged during this transition. Those previously stored ADs remain available to MiHIN users via the current retrieval methods. As the future uploading and retrieval with ADVault activity becomes available, we will be sharing details and processes ASAP. We regret the disruption to your current workflow but are confident that the future use of ADVault will provide benefits to individuals and their healthcare team alike.   

Please note that if an individual would like to upload their own document into secure storage for future retrieval they may do so using the ADVault application: MyDirectives. This app is free to use and allows an individual to create their own personal account and store an AD until they are able to share it with their healthcare team. 

If you have any questions regarding the transition, please contact