Immunization History Forecast (IHF) Use Case

This use case allows participating organizations to send electronic queries through the statewide health information network (HIN) to an Immunization Information System to retrieve electronic data containing a patient’s immunization records.

About this Use Case

Immunizations are vital to the maintenance of public health due to their power to prevent and sometimes eradicate deadly diseases and potential epidemics. Immunizations must be closely monitored to ensure they are administered correctly and in a timely fashion because vaccination errors can hurt and possibly kill patients.

Currently on a national basis, immunization records are not collectively maintained by any one organization. Most states have an Immunization Information System (IIS) that maintains immunization records for their residents. An IIS collects immunization records and makes that information accessible to authorized healthcare providers.

With this use case, an organization is able to query the IIS to retrieve electronic information containing a patient’s immunization records, including an up-to-date list of immunizations received by the patient (history) as well as a list and schedule of vaccinations that the patient should receive in the future (forecast).