InterOp Station

The InterOp Station® is a fully FHIR®-enabled platform that facilitates broad healthcare data interoperability. 

About this Product

It has been designed to provide HIE functionality required by the 21st Century Cures Act and the associated ONC/CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule with a minimum burden and maximum ease of use for stakeholders. The InterOp Station leverages the latest industry standards including FHIR® 4.0.1 & USCDI and adheres to CARIN Alliance Blue Button and Da Vinci implementation guides, including: Da Vinci Clinical Data Exchange, Da Vinci Plan Net, Da Vinci Payer Data Exchange US Drug Formulary, and Da Vinci Data Exchange for Quality Measures.

The InterOp Station intakes a wide range of claims and clinical data types from various sources andconverts them to FHIR resources that are housed in a cohesive, secure cloud environment.  From there, a patient may request their data using a third-party app of their choice. Authorized payers may also exchangehistorical data withother payers.

While originally focused on final rule requirements, the InterOp Station provides a foundational platform with wide-ranging potential because for the first time, all clinical and claims data available will be in one environment and in one format.  This represents a huge leap forward in health information exchange and interoperability, and we look forward to conceptualizing and building the next wave of InterOp Station functionality with our stakeholder community.

Third Party Application Developers

Third-party developers must register their app with InterOp Station to make the app available for use by InterOp Station Members.

For more information, see the Third-Party Developer Portal User Guide and associated postman bundle.

Creating an Account

Third-party developers can access InterOp Station® to create an account using the following link:

Registering a third-party App

Third-party developers can access InterOp Station® to register their app by using the following link:


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