InterOp Station

FHIR®-enabled platform that facilitates broad healthcare data interoperability

About this Platform

Designed to provide straightforward HIE functionality required by the 21st Century Cures Act and the associated ONC/CMS Interoperability and Patient Access final rule,  The InterOp Station leverages the latest industry standards including FHIR® 4.0.1 & USCDI and adheres to CARIN Alliance Blue Button and Da Vinci implementation guides, including: Da Vinci Clinical Data Exchange, Da Vinci Plan Net, Da Vinci Payer Data Exchange US Drug Formulary, and Da Vinci Data Exchange for Quality Measures.

The InterOp Station intakes a wide range of claims and clinical data types from various sources and converts them to FHIR resources housed in a cohesive, secure cloud environment.  From there, a patient may request their own data using a third-party app of their choice. Authorized payers may also exchange historical data with other payers.

The InterOp Station provides a foundational platform for housing all clinical and claims data to be made available in one format, reprenting a giant leap forward in health information exchange and interoperability.

  • Improves beneficiary access to health information
  • Reduces plan and beneficiary burden and improves accuracy
  • “Plug and play” platform that allows for easy compliance with requirements and standards
  • Built to augment existing services while addressing gaps in others
  • Aggregated across state subsystems and vendors – especially in a highly modularized MMIS environment
  • “On-ramp” to future interoperability strategies and initiatives (quality reporting, SDoH, TPL)
  • Low-cost/low-effort scalability through AWS SAM framework


Third Party Application Developers

Third-party developers must register their app with InterOp Station to make the app available for use by InterOp Station Members.

For more information, see the Third-Party Developer Portal User Guide and associated postman bundle.

Creating an Account

Third-party developers can access InterOp Station® to create an account using the following link:

Registering a third-party App

Third-party developers can access InterOp Station® to register their app by using the following link:


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