Northern Physicians Organization

Northern Physicians Organization (NPO) is a legally Qualified Organization currently in production exchanging electronic health information with MiHIN.

NPO is a physician-led group aligning doctors’ processes, communications, best practices and ideas. We strive to actively participate in the healthcare discussion and create innovative solutions for our region so that we may improve the overall health and wellness of our patients.

Provide healthcare leadership through a Northern Michigan physician-led organization.

NPO will be the model by which physician-led, patient centric, accountable care demonstrates the value of a patient/physician partnership.

• Physician-led organization
• Manage resources sustainably
• Operate with integrity and transparency
• Proactive community partner
• Collaborate with community stakeholders

As one of the largest physicians organizations in Michigan, we understand the importance of keeping current with the ever-changing medical environment. Our innovative leadership integrates advanced information and technology with the timeless goals established during NPO’s inception:

• To unite independent physicians in preservation of individual physicians practices.
• Provide support to physicians to maintain the type and size of practice they want.
• To do what is best for the physicians as a group of members of NPO.
• To advocate for the health needs of the general population.
• To optimize the physician position in the development of a health care system.
• To attain an “equal seat” and recognition for physicians when working with hospitals, third party payers or other entities.
• To be an advocate for physicians.
• To provide resources to physicians in order to effectively manage their practices.
• To promote a strong, positive perception of physicians united as NPO.
• To be a political voice for physicians at the regional, state and national levels.

NPO Contact Info
Email: Ed Worthington
Phone: 231-421-8505
Website: Northern Physicians Organization