Statewide Lab Orders – Results

Improve clinical decisions and patient safety through the Statewide Lab Orders – Results Service

The coordination of lab results across organizations can be very challenging and can have a negative impact on healthcare costs as well as patient care. When lab results are presented in a timely manner and is a usable, actionable format, providers are better equipped to deliver efficient and effective patient care.

The Statewide Lab Orders – Results Service helps participating organizations electronically send and receive lab results via the statewide health information network.

Utilizing the Statewide Labs Orders – Results Service, you can:

  • Help doctors, laboratories and other healthcare professionals to easily send and find clinical lab results
  • Assist with clinical decision support, trending analyses, population health management, medication management and other care activities.
  • Improve patient safety by alerting clinicians to abnormal lab results in real time
  • Reduce costs by ensuring providers have access in statewide lab results before ordering additional tests
  • Improving care by helping clinicians identify and target specific patients with abnormal lab results for follow-up care.

Additional information on Statewide Lab Orders – Results, click here for its use case scenario.

For additional information on Statewide Labs Orders Service, contact:

Health Plan Liaison
Matt StromerPre-Onboarding Engagement Analyst

Healthcare Provider Liaison
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