The MiHIN Operations Advisory Committee

The MiHIN Operations Advisory Committee

Published: 1/8/2021 –

The MiHIN Operations Advisory Committee (MOAC) was formed in 2013 to create a governance structure that allows stakeholders from across the state that have signed our Qualified Data Sharing Agreement to provide feedback, guide MiHIN operations and advance statewide solutions.

We regularly convene a group of approximately 40 stakeholders for a quarterly meeting along with ad hoc Taskforces and Meet-Ups as needed. These MOAC members bring together diverse perspectives to create a shared vision for improving statewide health information exchange and develop valuable tools for relieving burdens in healthcare.

Statewide conformance is MOAC’s first taskforce and continues to be active with a total of 18 organizations representing health plans, hospitals/health systems, physician organizations, and associations. This work represents the multi-stakeholder outreach loop MiHIN’s mission is rooted in and we continue to advance in Michigan.

MOAC and its members also look forward to supporting the Michigan Department of Health and Human Service effort under the Health Information Technology Commission’s leadership to produce a new Health Information Technology Roadmap for the state.

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