ReferralsPlus Version 5 Upgrade – Interface

ReferralsPlus Version 5 Upgrade – Interface

Published: 4/2/21 – 

MiHIN is excited to announce the upcoming release of the ReferralsPlus v5 application.  

A person’s needs are often interconnected, but our health care and social service systems are often fragmented and siloed.  When a person is identified with a medical, behavioral, financial, social or community related need the organization involved in the person’s care should be able to efficiently and easily refer the person to another organization that can assist in coordinating care to meet that need. Our ReferralsPlus application helps improve the quality, efficiency, and cost of healthcare. 

The primary new feature is an interactive reporting module that can help you identify opportunities to improve the coordination of care for your patients so they get the care they need.  With the reporting module, referral administrators will be able to:  

  • Review current and historic trends for referral volume by organization and specialty 
  • Analyze referral completion, status and appointment delay trends by specialty 
  • Review referral trends by patient demographics 
  • Drill down to see provider level referral detail and export to share with others to conduct custom analysis 

We are currently developing a user guide and plan on offering opportunities to see a demo of the new reporting features.   

Existing manual install clients, please note that deployment can begin on or after 4/20/2021. There is no dependency for manual install clients to be live with the new version on 4/20/21. However, we will follow up with your organization to ensure you are tracking against the latest version deployment in May 2021. 

The Version 5 auto-upgrade deployment will begin on 4/20/2021If you have any questions or need assistance regarding the upgrade, please submit a ticket to, by calling 844.454.2443, or by submitting a ticket via our self-service portal.