Introducing MiHIN’s new MIGateway Conformance Module

Introducing MiHIN’s new MIGateway Conformance Module

Published: 5/3/21 – 

MiHIN is excited to announce a new way for hospitals to access their Conformance Reports!

Currently, MIGateway enables effective coordination of care that is affordable, configurable and scalable to your organization. With MIGateway, you can:

  • View and compare transitions of care messages
  • Admission, Discharge Transfer notifications
  • Discharge Medication Reconciliation messages
  • Access diagnoses and treatment plans
  • Update your patient roster in the statewide network
  • Load your Active Care Relationships with one mouse click
  • Find contact information for your patients’ care team
  • Save time communicating with other care team members
  • Easily access quality measure information
  • Send quality measure information to State Medicaid for Promoting Interoperability
  • Improve your quality reporting scores

MiHIN’s new Conformance Module in MIGateway will improve the way you view and improve your conformance scores and allow hospital users to view, filter, and interact with conformance reports in a variety of new ways.  Additionally, you will also be able to view and download non-conformant ADT/CCDA message examples in an on-demand and real-time way to facilitate easier corrective action.  Hospitals can expect to receive outreach from their account executives with the announcement and onboarding form to fill out soon.

Learn more about MIGateway here.