MIGateway gives providers and managing organizations a single, consistent, interoperable solution for coordinating patient care.

About this Product

How many systems do you use to coordinate care for your patients?

Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services has ONE solution to seamlessly manage multiple reporting systems, connected directly to Michigan’s statewide health information network. The Medical Information Gateway or MIGateway® will streamline workflows, improve efficiency in care coordination, and improve data quality.

MIGateway enables effective coordination of care that is affordable, configurable and scalable to your organization. With MIGateway, you can:

  • View and compare transitions of care messages
    • Admission, Discharge, Transfer notifications
    • Access diagnoses and treatment plans
    • Discharge Medication Reconciliation messages
  • Update your patient roster in the statewide network
    • Load your Active Care Relationships with one mouse click
  • Find contact information for your patients’ care team
    • Save time communicating with other care team members
  • Easily access quality measure information
  • Send quality measure information to State Medicaid for Promoting Interoperability
    • Improve your quality reporting scores 

Why MIGateway?

MIGateway will enable you to strengthen your connection with your patients, stay updated on their health events (without having to track down information), and make your office work easier!

MIGateway combines several services into one centralized tool – an all-in-one solution. MIGateway combines the:

MIGateway gives you a consistent view of your patient’s electronic health information, regardless of which EMR system you’re using.

NOTE: MIGateway requires active use of several MiHIN services including Admission, Discharge, Transfer Notifications, Active Care Relationship Service,  Discharge Medication Reconciliation, Health Directory, and Quality Dashboards.

Conformance Module Demo (Video)