Health Directory

The Health Directory use case allows participating organizations to manage information regarding healthcare professionals – utilizing a centralized directory service – to allow health professionals to efficiently share health information.

Traditionally there has been no standard way to manage and find information on health professionals such as name, address, specialty, contact information, organization affiliations, and electronic addresses for exchanging health information. This challenge has hindered the promise of electronic health records to improve the efficiency and quality of patient care.

But new models of care require health professionals to be able to send, receive, find, and use health information electronically and securely. To efficiently manage these activities, organizations must know where health professionals would like information on their patients to be sent, and how health professionals would like to receive the information (i.e. via what transport method and message type).

MiHIN’s Health Directory offers an easily-accessible, active solution to efficiently import, reconcile and manage health professional information and to allow users to quickly find and contact providers and care team members. The directory’s flexible, dynamic design easily supports the complex network of affiliations and organizational relationships in modern healthcare.

The Health Directory is built on a highly-scalable, secure environment that supports numerous health information use cases. The Health Directory is a key infrastructure component to enable efficient statewide exchange of health information.

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Use Case Implementation Guide:

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