“Leaders become great, not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others.” — John Maxwell

Kim Bachelder
Director of Government Accounts

Chris Bailey
Director of National Engagement & Consumer Health Strategy

Courtney Baker
Director of Marketing & Communications

Angie Bass
Chief Strategy Officer

Jo Bonasso
Director of Patient Data Management Services

Bo Borgnakke
Corporate Account Executive

Rich Fish
Chief Information Officer

Bharat Gandhi
General Counsel

Megan Gibbs
Corporate Account Executive

Katie Goulette
Program Director for Strategic Data Services Acceleration

Aly Hryciuk
Business Development & Proposals Manager

Joanne Jarvi
Senior Director of Outreach & Market Communications

Lisa Mroz
Director of Security

Lisa Nicolaou
SDOH Program Director

Isabell Pacheco
People Function Leader

Shreya Patel
Chief Policy & Privacy Officer

Jaki Porter
Chief Operating Officer

Stephanie Shultz
Chief Financial Officer

Marty Woodruff
Chief Operating Officer

Tim Pletcher, DHA
Executive Director