Advance Care Documents (ACD) Use Case

The Advance Care Document (ACD) use case supports the electronic
storage and retrieval of ACDs from any organization participating in the ACD use case.

About this Use Case

Honoring a person’s wishes assures that a treatment plan matches the person’s values, beliefs, and preferences for care. The related conversations help people discuss, decide, and document their preferences for future healthcare and/or complex treatment needs. It also decreases Patient Advocate stress when difficult decisions must be made or when complex care is needed.1

    Frequently these various types of treatment plans are often stored in a patient or family’s home, a glove box or within their provider’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR).  However, people are mobile and cannot guarantee they will have an available paper copy or that the electronic version will be in the treating provider’s EMR.  Therefore, these documents need to be electronically stored where they are easily accessible and retrieved when needed by those providing care to the patient at any point of care.