Closed Loop Referrals

When a person is identified with a medical, behavioral, financial, social, or community-related need, the organization involved in the person’s care should be able to efficiently and easily refer the person to another organization that can assist in coordinating care to meet that need.

Closed-Loop Referrals Use Case & ReferralsPlus Tool



A person’s needs are often interconnected, but our health care and social service systems are often fragmented and siloed. 

Referrals must be securely and efficiently delivered, tracked and managed in a way that is actionable for the sending and receiving organization.  The communication and workflow for each referral must also be efficient and effective in order to meet the needs of the individual in need of the referral.   An electronic exchange of referrals through an Interconnected Referral Network (IRN) can help improve the quality, efficiency, and cost of healthcare. An IRN also allows for a broader net and more inclusive care for the patient regardless where they seek services.