Statewide Lab Orders – Results

This use case scenario supports provider workflow improvements by helping to send, find, receive and use lab results for tests performed at the point of care.


Doctors, laboratories, and other healthcare professionals have a critical need to easily send and find clinical lab results to help with clinical decision support, trending analyses, population health management, medication management, and other care activities.

The coordination of lab results across organizations can be very challenging and can have a negative impact on healthcare costs, as well as patient care. Lab results must be presented in a timely manner and in a usable, actionable format so recipients can deliver efficient and effective care.

The following document(s) are available for this scenario:

Statewide Lab Orders – Results Use Case Summary

Statewide Lab Orders-Results Implementation Guide

The “Persona” Story

Once Patrick Bleeke-Paulson felt overwhelmed with managing his health.

Patrick’s health concerns all started with Crohn’s disease when he was in his mid-20s. From there, it progressed into Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC). PSC caused extensive liver damage which required a liver transplant when he was 40 years old.

Sadly, the drama didn’t end there for Patrick. All of the liver damage (with Crohn’s) led to a diagnosis of colorectal cancer.

Patrick takes immunosuppressant medication (because of the liver transplant) and the dose has to be adjusted monthly based on lab results (due to cancer). Those lab results must be shared with his entire care team, which includes an oncologist and hepatologist. So, to keep everyone informed and keep himself in the best shape possible, he needs to be sure each month that his lab results are getting where they need to, on time and accurately.

Every month, Patrick arrives at the lab where he has his lab work done. Patrick’s lab results are then sent to the organization who requested the lab test be performed originally. The organization then sends those results to MiHIN as part of the Statewide Lab Orders-Results use case process.

When MiHIN receives the lab result, they find Patrick’s care team by searching the Active Care Relationship Service. After the team is retrieved, MiHIN routes the lab result to his care team via their requested contact information.

Now Patrick is more assured that he is getting the right care for his conditions.