LANSING, Mich., – The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MIHIN) is proud to announce the appointment of Kim Bachelder, Director of Government Accounts, to the Michigan Community Information Exchange (CIE) Committee. This appointment underscores MIHIN’s commitment to advancing health equity and improving population health outcomes in Michigan by addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) through collaboration and innovation within health, human, and social services.

Bachelder brings a distinguished career in healthcare information technology to the CIE Committee. In her role at MiHIN, she draws on her extensive experience with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) to act as a trusted advisor and strategic partner to the state government, fostering collaborative relationships with key stakeholders to advance statewide health information exchange (HIE) initiatives. Her extensive knowledge and leadership will be instrumental as the Committee works to advance the development and implementation of CIE throughout Michigan.

“Modernizing healthcare isn’t just about technology – it’s about tackling the root causes that impact well-being,” said Isabell Pacheco, DSc, FACHE, Chief Administrative Officer at MiHIN. “Kim’s expertise bridges the gap and will be instrumental in fostering collaboration and driving impactful solutions that address the social determinants of health across our state and within our communities. We are thrilled to have her represent MiHIN in this important endeavor and know she is well-positioned to contribute significantly to the Committee’s work.”

Community Information Exchange (CIE) represents a localized effort to establish and sustain the infrastructure and relationships needed to address the SDOH needs of both individuals and communities. CIE prioritizes a person-centered approach by collecting social care information only when necessary and stored securely. This focus on privacy safeguards empowers individuals while fostering streamlined access to essential non-clinical services like social services and support networks. Ultimately, CIEs aim to enhance care coordination across various clinical and non-clinical partners, leveraging existing community resource data to identify needs, gaps, and areas for policy change.

“The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) is taking a vital step forward with their Social Determinants of Health Strategy,” said Dr. Tim Pletcher, Executive Director of MiHIN. “This strategy holds immense potential to eliminate disparities and create a more equitable healthcare landscape in Michigan. At MiHIN, we share this commitment to health equity. While secure health information exchange is a cornerstone of our work, we recognize the profound impact of social factors on individual and community well-being. That’s why we’re thrilled to have Kim Bachelder join the CIE Committee, as she has extensive experience at MDHHS and a deep understanding of Michigan’s healthcare system. Her appointment underscores MiHIN’s dedication to fostering collaboration and innovation in addressing social determinants of health. We’re confident Kim will be a valuable asset to the Committee, and we’re proud to have her represent MiHIN in this critical effort.”

The CIE Committee, established by the Michigan Health Information Technology (HIT) Commission, acts as a collaborative platform to support implementing recommendations outlined by the CIE Task Force. The Committee’s primary objectives include identifying and addressing barriers to CIE adoption, gathering stakeholder input, advocating for supportive policies, and developing a framework for CIE governance. Committee membership reflects the diverse nature of the healthcare ecosystem, with representatives from community-based organizations, social care IT vendors, consumers, public health agencies, healthcare providers, and MIHIN, Michigan’s state-designated health information exchange.

For additional information about Michigan’s CIE efforts and a complete list of representatives, visit the MDHHS website.


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