Introducing “The Exchange”

Published: 4/27/21 -  Introducing “The Exchange” An exploration of the intersection of healthcare and technology   By Brian Mack We are excited to introduce The Exchange – a blog and the newest communications vehicle presented by Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) and its affiliated companies: Velatura, Interoperability Institute, and USQHIN. Each week through this venue we will showcase a broad range of insights, opinions, thought leadership and industry expertise from our own organizational leadership and staff, as well as guest posts from our customers, partners and collaborators. Creating a Collective Legacy The above quote by Steve Jobs gets to the heart of a fundamental truth that is common to the human condition - a desire that the efforts to which we dedicate our lives matter to the world. Through our work,...


New Content Package

Published: 9/15/2020 -  We're making some improvements! Look for exciting new content that will be available as we roll out our new MiHIN content package. To see what's available, simply click on the links to the right or visit > About menu > What's New options....