Making Choices Michigan, a strategic business unit of MiHIN


Making Choices Michigan,
a strategic business unit of MiHIN

Discuss. Decide. Document.
We are committed to empowering every individual to live their best life by clearly communicating their preferences, values, and beliefs to their healthcare advocate, family, and broader healthcare system across all stages of life.

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News & Announcements

MiHIN convenes statewide experts to advocate for an improved Advance Directive witnessing procedure

Published: 10/2/2020 -  Who would speak for you if you could not speak for yourself? If you have appointed a Patient Advocate, would they be able to say what matters most to you to live life well? Making Choices Michigan (MCM), a strategic business unit of MiHIN, has been helping community members create an Advance Directive (AD) document to help people identify their Patient Advocate and describe their preferences for care the past 8 years. One major challenge to completing the document, in both community and acute care spaces, is the document witness requirements. The law describing the witness requirements was passed in 1998[i], well before the internet became a household word. The current requirements prohibit caregivers, including medical staff, to witness the AD. Additionally, anyone related to...