Medical information Direct Gateway (MIDIGATE®)

MiHIN’s Medical information Direct Gateway (MIDIGATE®) is Software as a Service (SaaS) designed to streamline and organize the routing, processing and exchange of health information by providing a common process to accept incoming health information messages (such as CCD attachments sent via DIRECT messages), isolate the messages/attachments, and route them through the MiHIN Enterprise Architecture to their destination(s) in appropriate and acceptable formats.

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MIDIGATE for Public Health Reporting.
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MIDIGATE leverages emerging Health Information Exchange (HIE) capabilities to give public health agencies, HIE organizations, and health plans access to accurate, structured data straight from providers, allowing for better care coordination, easier analysis, streamlined population management, and ultimately stronger support for quality incentives and higher quality ratings.

MiHIN MIDIGATE for Health Plans v14 10-15-13

MIDIGATE for Health Plans.
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Some benefits of MIDIGATE include:

• Provides a low-cost, highly-secure, standards-compliant tool to capture structured clinical data from even very small providers with limited technical resources

• Consolidates the duplicated efforts of multiple groups within an organization attempting to collect similar clinical data

• Transforms data collection results into any format and repackages as required to rapidly use within existing environments

• Transports Personal Health Information (PHI) payloads easily and at low cost for virtually any Use Case, including Meaningful Use reporting

• Shares PHI securely with Medicaid, commercial health plans, or an HIE - as easy as using email

• Helps commercial plans leverage Meaningful Use investments

• With MIDIGATE sending information can be automated and workflow-free if you have embedded Direct HISP in your Electronic Health Record system!

The approach used in MIDIGATE has been trademarked by MiHIN.