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Below is a list of MiHIN’s Services, Tools & Use Cases.
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Products & Tools

The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) offers tools to access all the information available in our network and to enable health information exchange.


Use Cases & Data Flows

Information and resources for individual use cases is available by clicking the links below (under each category). You can find out more about what a use case is and what the Use Case Factory is by visiting here.


Current Use Cases Supporting Care Coordination

In a healthcare system where individuals often receive medical care from more than one system, care coordination among providers after discharge from an emergency department or hospital in one system, while the patient’s primary care physician resides in another, poses many challenges and often fails to happen.  This incomplete sharing of clinical information can adversely affect health outcomes. These use cases support the sharing of clinical health information for the purposes of robust care coordination.

Current Use Cases Supporting Public Health

Timely and complete reporting is crucial to enable quick response to outbreaks that threaten the health of the public. These use cases support the network in its effort to refine technical and workflow processes to make public health surveillance more efficient.

Current Use Cases Supporting Results Delivery

The purpose of these use cases is to deliver real-time lab and other time-sensitive results,  providing immediate access to patients’ results.

Current Use Cases Supporting Quality Information and Administration

The purposes of these use cases include: Data exchange activities that help automate and reduce patient or provider burden and improve the efficiency and effectiveness related to healthcare operations and payment; standardizing and streamlining the gaps-in-care process, reporting formats, and information transport resulting in more closed gaps-in-care, improved HEDIS scores for health plans, and better care for patients.